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Decide love.

UneditedLOVE is a lifestyle. We advocate for sharing the kind of love that walks with you amidst day-to-day gritty real life, then still wants to take you to bed at night. We must give that kind of love to ourselves before we can share it with others. We hope that our poetry house and blog help each of us to do just that each day. 

Love has a voice. Can you hear it?


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We invite amateur and intermediate poets to post poems on our poetry wall to spark discussions and receive reader feedback.


If you post your poem, we may share it on our social media. If we do, we will give you credit as the author.


Meet Shannon

Hi, I'm Shannon. My profile name here is Shannon Redman. I founded UneditedLOVE out of my genuine love for people. Life can knock us around as it teaches us valuable lessons and helps us to grow. Some of these experiences can be very painful. If we are brave enough to take the hero's journey inward to learn the strength of who and what we really are as we walk through these experiences, then we can realize an incredibly rich and fulfilling existence. We can find healing while on this journey inward, and we can then help others to heal. I'm thrilled to have met you here and can't wait to hear your story. Please freely share your story as a poem, a helpful tip, or as a comment on another member's post. We are all grateful that you are here.



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